2TROM was a meta search engine operating from 1999 to 2002, than it was renamed in GalaxyHIT today it works under the name Draze. Sadly I didn’t find out who’s behind 2TROM and which search engine they used for the meta search. On the About page they wrote, they used 10 of the major search engines in 2002 [kd2015].

Language English

Launched 1999
Closed in June 2002 renamed in GalaxyHIT!

Developer 2Trom

Country of Origin US America

1999 - 2002 2Trom

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Meta search engine
Comparison search engine

Used SeEn Unknown

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»2TROM is a metasearch engine. This means that it has no local database; it operates entirely by querying other search engines ( 7 as of now! ) to produce HUGE results. We go beyond searching for just simple text characters, 2TROM brings the most relevant information to you. 2TROM is a metasearch engine on the web that allows you to refine your search based on the actual meaning of your search words or search phrase. 2TROM metasearch is a much more intuitive, more human way of searching. 2TROM seeks first to understand the user's query and then return the best search results. Our results will always satisfy your needs and won't fill your screen with mumbo jumbo which you will never need! 2TROM is growing rapidly and offers affordable and effective online advertising to drive traffic to your website. 2TROMs simplicity is what makes us so unique in every way! We welcome you to use and to play with the 2TROM metasearch engine! We believe you will find 2TROM comprehensive, precise, and unique. Most importantly, you will find 2TROM to be a valuable tool for searching the Internet and an advertising hotSPOT.« Source


2Trom is for "To The Rulers of Metasearch" Source

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Created: 2015-06-07